Who is this Josh Dean?

I am a magazine writer who resides in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, having fled the concrete and taxis of Manhattan for the greener pastures across the East River after the better part of a decade on the island. For many years, I was an editor at various magazines, most recently Men's Journal, where I was deputy editor. I left in 2004 to write full-time. Over the years, I have written for dozens of national magazines including Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, GQ, Travel + Leisure, Outside (for whom I'm currently a Correspondent), New York, Entertainment Weekly, Inc., Fast Company, Spin, Golf, Men's Health, Runner's World, Budget Travel and Cosmopolitan, where I gave women questionable relationship advice for nearly two years. I am also one of the founding editors of PLAY, The New York Times Sports Magazine, and worked on that brilliant but short-lived project from its magical conception in the fall of 2005 until its untimely demise in late 2008, in the early days of print publishing's Ice Age. I was a contributing editor for Best Life for three years, writing about cars on a monthly basis and other subjects with less regularity, until that magazine was euthanized by Rodale in March of 2009. I achieved international reknown as a member of the US elephant polo team, which competed in the 2008 Elephant Polo World Championships, in Nepal. But you probably knew that already. To prove that I have at least part of a foot in this century, and that I can write for things that are not actually printed on paper -- and also to validate my obsession with international soccer -- I blogged the last two World Cups, for New York Magazine and GQ. My first book, SHOW DOG, was published by HarperCollins/IT Books in February of 2012. My article/ebook, "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE STOPWATCH GANG" was optioned by Bluegrass Films/Universal Pictures and will hopefully some day be a movie. My next major project is a book, about the largest covert operation in CIA history, known as Project Azorian. My book currently has no title, but will presumably have one by the time it's published by Dutton, in mid/late-2017. Want to hear more? Here's me on the Longform podcast. I am represented by Daniel Greenberg of the Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Agency.