Bob's Backyard

Bob Burnquist is a professional skateboarder - one of maybe 5 people who has truly mastered something known as the "mega-ramp." There are only three in the world, and one is in his Vista, CA backyard. It is longer than a football field, 75-feet high at its highest point and involves clearing either a 50 or 70-foot gap, depending where you launch. To give you some idea, here is just ONE HALF of it - the part leading up to the jump. For a sense of scale, see the people at top. The one on the right is Bob.

One Idea, Still Unproven

Perhaps I'll post a photo or two, plus some words, about a recent assignment, adventure, or outing. This, then, is a test. I was recently snowboarding -- or attempting to snowboard, when the weather cooperated, with some people who might look familiar. Well, one of them anyway.